Ice Maker ALFA Gourmet NG135, iTV


Ice Maker ALFA Gourmet NG135, iTV

Ice Maker ALFA Gourmet NG135, iTV

$3,525.00 $2,115.00

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$3,525.00 $2,115.00

Ice Maker ALFA Gourmet
Model: NG135,
Manufacturer: iTV


  • Cond Unit: Air
  • Cube Style: FULL
  • Daily production Lbs./Kg70F-50F: 130/59
  • Daily production Lbs./Kg 90F-70F: 101/46
  • Cube cycle: 45
  • Storage Lbs./Kg.: 44/20
  • Water Usage gal./hr. – l./hr.: 3.90-14.70
  • Voltage: 115V/60Hz./1
  • Amps: 9.4
  • Net weight Lbs./Kg.: 128/58

Dimensions (inch): W: 21-1/8 x D: 23-3/8 x H: 31-1/4

NOTE: ITV requires the installation of ITV water filtration kit to ensure warranty coverage. All ITV Filtration Kits are specially designed to exclusively be replaced with ITV’s replacement cartridges.

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Ice Maker ALFA Gourmet NG135, iTV


  • Spray system (Nozzle):
  • The spray nozzle, patented by ITV, does not allow calcareous build up and producers solid transparent ice cubes which takes longer to melt
  • Dynamic production:
  • The water is constantly circulating and the ice gradually forms in the thin layer, avoiding trapped gasses and producing crystal clear ice cubes.
  • Only the purest of ice cubes are produced
  • Silent rain:
  • All parts in contact with water have been designed to minimize thier friction resulting in a very low noise level
  • Electromechanical controls:
  • The machine works with elctromechanical timer and thermostats
  • Simple, easy to comprehend and service
  • High realiability and low maintenance expense
  • Dual switch:
  • External switch allows to turn the machine on/off easily
  • Removing the top cover, we have the ice/wash switch on one side of the elctrical box
  • Strong inox frame, 304 stainless steel construction
  • Box-type frame with stainless steel supports, makes the machine stronger and allows servicing operation without disassembling the entire machine
  • Easy access for service and intallation:
  • Designed to have a better access to all components making installation and servicing operations easier
  • One person can dissemble the entrire machine with a basic screwdriver
  • Front ventilation:
  • Condensing unit permits 100% front ventilation
  • Airflow through the front grill
  • Insulated storage bin:
  • Storage bin with polyurethane foam insulation gives higher rigity with lower heat transmission
  • Isolated but not refrigerated bins.
  • Operating limits:
  • Tropicallized machines (T); Suitable for low temperature environments of 41F.
  • Air and Water and high temperature environment of 109F (Air), 95F (Water).
  • Water pressure: Min 10psi (0.7 bar.)/ Max. 85 psi (6 bar.) NOTE: Install a pressure reducer if wate inlet pressure is more than 85 psi (6 bar.)
  • Electrical specifications
  • 115V/60Hz./1 – Fuse Size 15-20,
  • NEMA Plug Type 5-15P.
  • Also avalible 220V/50Hz (Special order only)


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